In my short career, I had a pleasure to be involved in the following projects (I can’t write the names of the apps, because of stupid NDA’s):

Relief app

Release: under development

As the app is under development not that much can be said. What can be said is that the app is designed to help people fight their pain. Currently, MVP app is under development. The future of the app is still unknown.

The app was developed in native Android. It was decided that the Kotlin would be used. Furthermore, it is using RxKotlin.

Tags: #Native #Android #Kotlin #Rx #Reactive #MVVM

EU parliament in hand app

Release: 02/2018

The app related to EU parliament. It was developed for a client based in Brussels. The app is available for iOS & Android phones. It has the following features:

  • News feed to which a user can subscribe (3 types of subscription),
  • EU parliament calendar,
  • Map with the EU parliament buildings,
  • Notifications when new news appears.
  • and few more

The app was developed in Xamarin.Forms.

Tags: #XamarinForms #MVVM #Notifications #Firebase #GoogleMaps

Cashback app

Release: 12/2017

The app available only in Great Britain. It is available for iOS & Android phones. Mostly it is the cashback app which allows the users to save the money everytime they buy something. The main feature is scanning the recipe so the cashback can be applied. Also, a user is able to login/register within the app, check his cashback state and see the offers.

The app was developed in Xamarin.Forms.

Tags: #XamarinForms #MVVM #Notifications #OneSignal #ScanBot

Work time tracker

Release: can’t remember

The app which is a part of the be bigger system. It allows users to time-track they work. As an employer, you only need to put a tablet in your office. Then each employee is able to start/end his shift on the tablet/phone. The app was developed in Xamarin.Forms for Android devices (don’t ask me who made this decision – “business” I’d say.

Tags: #XamarinForms #Android #MVVM #customCamera

Inventory checker

Release: can’t remember

This is an enterprise Android app which is not available on the Google Play (business requirements). The app is designed for people who need to inventory the stuff in their company. For inventory purposes, it is using barcodes. The app was developed in Xamarin.Android.

Tags: #Xamarin.Native #Android #MVVM #MVVMCross #barCodes






XamForms.Enhanced is a Nuget package which helps me in a development on daily basis. You can check what is inside this package on GitHub.

Tags: #Xamarin.Forms #Nuget #MVVM #Rx.NET