I’ve come to the point where I receive another Mac and I need to install everything that I need. Last time I was doing it, I forgot about most of them so I decided to make a list of what I need. This is a good time to do it because I still have my old Mac & within the next few weeks I will need to install & configure everything. I’m making this post public so maybe someone will find it helpful. This is kind of a logbook as I am going to change my computer in near future. I divided programs into 3 groups: Coding (mostly about Mobile development), Productivity & Personal Mac. I think there is no need to explain each group. Let’s go!


As you may know, I am .NET developer. On a daily basis I need the following to get my job done:

  1. Visual Studio for Mac with StyleCop, DeepClean, mFractor, LiveXAML & custom code snippets,
  2. XCode,
  3. Android Studio — this is not a must. Based on a project specification, I decide if I need it or not,
  4. Slack,
  5. Postman,
  6. SourceTree,
  7. brew with sonarqube, sonar-scanner& git-extras


To help me with productivity, I use several other things.


  1. Nozbe – to keeps me organized,
  2. Thunderbird – to take care of my emails,
  3. Spotify – just to chill me out.

Chrome apps:

  1. Grammarly for Chrome — just so Chrome can be nicer,
  2. Todoist – to keeps me organized,
  3. LastPass – to keep my passwords safe,
  4. Momentum — just so Chrome can be nicer.

Personal MAC

If I am going to change my personal computer I will need to install other programs that:

  1. VLC,
  2. Microsoft Office,
  3. Photoshop,
  4. Lightroom,
  5. LICEcap — to record gifs,
  6. FileZilla — to access ftp’s,
  7. Suuntolink — to connect with my HR monitor.

other images were drawn by my girlfriend and me

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